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Randy Hunter Jazz:

Randy Hunter Jazz features the “Complete Jazz Styles” series of jazz etude, duet, & combo books. This site offers material for private and group instruction. For beginners, advanced players, or those just learning to play jazz, books in this series offer instruction on jazz styles ranging from swing, to bop, funk, rock, and Latin.

Jazz etude & duet books are available for tenor sax, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, flute. Jazz combo books are available for wind & rhythm section instruments.

JAZZ Education Materials

First Steps to Jazz Improvisation can jump-start your journey into jazz by using the basics that all students and musicians already know - major scales.

By Trumpeter Jason Klobnak, "Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose" reveals some of the many different ways we can creatively target notes and create a more meaningful message to our audience. Skype lessons available.

Features beginning through advanced jazz improvisation and saxophone lessons by long-time jazz saxophone instructor and author, Randy Hunter. The lessons include video and written instruction. Some of the lessons include play-along tracks. All lessons are available for download.

Improvise For Real distills modern harmony down to its pure mathematical essence – basic tonal structures that the student immediately learns to hear and create. Through a simple and elegant framework of "tonal maps," IFR empowers the student to truly understand modern harmony and to weave melodies effortlessly across any song or chord progression.

TRADITION IS A TEMPLE explores New Orleans’ unique musical culture & the fragility of tradition in the modern world. The movie weaves together intimate personal discussions shot over a four year span with once-in-a-lifetime studio performances by New Orleans greats. We’re currently fundraising for post-production costs through a crowd funding website called


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Randy Hunter- Atlanta Jazz Saxophone Teacher and Performer

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By Trumpeter Jason Klobnak, reveals some of the many different ways we can creatively target notes and create a more meaningful message to our audience. Skype lessons available.